What can "Sides" do for me?

Easy Script Storage and Management

Keep all your scripts and auditions in one centralized location. With our  storage system, you can separate the projects you're working on into folders, star your favorites, or just keep it all in one place.

Highlighting, Blackout, Recording, and More!

Record the other character's lines to learn your lines... no scene partner needed! Use our highlighter to mark your lines, ink pen to take notes, and blackout feature to really get off book. We'll be adding new tools all the time!

Streamlined Script Importing and Exporting

Want to start working on your audition right away? Import your auditions and scripts straight from your email. After marking them up with our tools, export the script to print your hard work!

The Green Alternative

Go paperless! Save trees every time you nail your audition. Using our tool, you'll never need to waste paper or buy a printer in the first place!

Update Your Toolbox

Isn't it time we brought learning lines into the modern age? Use our digital tools to make your process more efficient.

An Industry Standard

"Sides" is quickly becoming the new, most advanced way for actors to get off book and get the job!